10 Tips for Successful Medical Device & E-Health Services Distribution in the Israeli Market

Medical device E-Health Israel

Israel’s healthcare sector is renowned for innovation, groundbreaking research, and a healthcare ecosystem that champions the adoption of new technologies.

This, in turn, makes Israel an alluring market for medical device manufacturers and E-Health service providers seeking to expand their global footprint.

However, conquering this thriving landscape comes with its complexities and unique dynamics.

To help you chart a successful course, here are ten indispensable tips for medical device and E-Health service distribution in Israel.

10 tips for successful medical device and E-Health distribution in Israel

Partner with an Objective Israeli Third-Party Consulting Firm

Collaborating with an experienced third-party Israeli consulting firm can be a game-changer. Their invaluable insights encompass insights into the Israeli regulatory landscape such as:

  • Assist with the technical file preparation
  • Market research
  • Local competitors analysis
  • Filling forms and declarations
  • Device/service submission
  • Guidance throughout the entire registration process
  • Help you stay updated on changing requirements

Their impartiality ensures compliance while giving you the autonomy to make informed, long-term business decisions.

Engage a Local Israeli Registration Holder

Engage a local Israeli Registration Holder (IRH).

This is a regulatory requirement for medical device distribution in Israel and a crucial link between your company and the Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH).

The IRH has various responsibilities such as:

  • Post-marketing surveillance
  • Changes
  • Quality
  • Deviations
  • Periodical review
  • Recalls
  • Registration renewals
  • Ensure taxation compliance

They navigate customs, secure approvals, and handle post-marketing tasks.

A reputable IRH can significantly streamline the distribution process.

Tailor Your Marketing Strategy in the Israeli market

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work in the Israeli market.

There are so many medical devices and E-Health services categories, so many potential client segments, decision-makers, marketing approaches, and marketing channels.

Tailor your marketing strategy to address the local Israeli market needs and preferences.

Consider language, cultural nuances, and market-specific messaging and media types.

Collaborating with an experienced local marketing expert can help you create a cost-effective and culturally sensitive strategy.

Network Effectively

Building strong local Israeli networks is essential.

Start collaborating during the four months after the submission (and before registration) using the medical device submission certificate, for example:

  • Gain access to a target market decision-makers database
  • Engage via email, phone, or e-meetings
  • Attend industry-specific events
  • Join local business associations
  • Actively participate in relevant forums

Networking offers valuable insights, fosters collaborations, and keeps you updated on Israeli industry trends.

Leverage Advertising

Utilize targeted advertising campaigns, especially online, to reach potential customers. Promote your technology/devices through professional articles and free webinars. Additionally, consider local media channels to expand your reach.

Participate in Conferences and Exhibitions in Israel

Israeli healthcare conferences and exhibitions are excellent opportunities to showcase your medical devices.

You can use your local consulting firm to do that on your behalf or send your representative. These events attract professionals and decision-makers eager to explore the latest innovations. Ensure your presence is strong.

IMOH Regulatory Vigilance

The Israeli regulatory landscape can change, impacting your distribution process.

Ensure your local Israeli registration holder keeps an eye on IMOH updates as part of their quality management system.

Being proactive in addressing changes can prevent disruptions and ensure business and sales continuity.

Understand the Israeli Market Dynamics

Gain insights into market dynamics, including pricing strategies, local Israeli reimbursement mechanisms, and healthcare policies.

Understanding these factors will help you position your products effectively and navigate market challenges.

Educate and Train Your Israeli Team

If you have a local team in Israel, provide them with comprehensive training about your products and global best practices.

This knowledge empowers them to effectively promote and support your medical devices within the Israeli market.

Seek the Israeli Customer Feedback

Regularly collect feedback from customers and healthcare professionals in Israel.

These insights can guide product improvements, identify unmet needs, and strengthen your market position. Moreover, it demonstrates a commitment to local feedback and builds trust.


Successfully distributing medical devices and E-Health services in the Israeli market requires a strategic approach.

Partnering with an objective third-party Israeli consulting firm and leveraging the expertise of a local Israeli registration holder can ease regulatory complexities.

Tailoring your marketing strategy, networking, advertising, and active participation in conferences are essential for market visibility.

Staying informed about regulatory changes, understanding market dynamics, and educating your local team is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

Finally, seeking and acting on customer feedback can lead to product enhancements and trust-building in the Israeli market.

By following these tips, you can navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the Israeli healthcare ecosystem and achieve successful medical device distribution.

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