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for Bio-Pharma, Medical Device, and E-Health companies.

Why choose me?

Part of the reasons to hire my Bio-Med consulting services:

Eran Yona - Experience


Guaranteed value

More than 20 years and 1,000 projects in a variety Bio-Med innovative technologies that led many loyal & returning clients from R&D to commercialization.

Eran Yona - Confidentiality


Your trustable partner

Using secured network solutions and committed to 100% confidentiality and secrecy of your valuable information and intellectual property.

Documents templates

Access to my internal working tools

You can use my SOPs, protocols, and reports templates that will enable you to document things easily with full regulatory compliance.

Eran Yona - Global Network

Global network

Connect with the right people

Access to my personal global professional's network- Clients, colleagues, and investors I know for 20 years that you can cooperate with.

Eran Yona - Business Orientation

Business orientation

Always remember the bottom-line

Business-oriented thinking and strategy considerations with pragmatic thinking will be implemented throughout the entire consulting phase.

Eran Yona - Extra Value

Extra value

See the whole picture brighter

In addition to my conventional professional skills- I will support your Engineering, Quality and Regulation needs to make you see the big picture clearer.

3 industries I offer consulting services for.

What kind of Bio-Med companies can benefit from my experience & professionalism?

Medical Device

Medical Device Consultancy


Digital Health

What are my consulting services composed of?

These are the consulting services I offer my clients:

Product Development

“Let your Ingenuity the chance to save humanity”

Choosing the most appropriate technology for all the Bio-Med industries is essential and you need to examine its advantages, complexity, and overall cost.

I’m personally committed to your product development all together with innovative technologies that will be based on the quality by design approach and the clinical, commercial, and business challenges and will lead your company to be a dominant player in the industry.

Eran Yona - Product Development
Eran Yona - Auditor


“An outside objective and fresh view”

DD or regulatory body inspections are a significant milestone. Moreover, you will need to audit your suppliers, contractors, and business partners.

To ensure you choose the best partners along the way to meet the regulatory requirements, you need auditing capabilities, and proper guidance.

I’m a certified lead auditor, recognized and accredited by the global NSF, IRCA, and CQI, with a proven track record of many first and second-party audits worldwide.

Lab & Facilities design

“Reverse thinking - imagine how it will be operated and design it accordingly”

The laboratory or your manufacturing facility’s conceptual design must be integrated with the GxP principles. It has to be appropriately designed to support a safe environment for development, clinical, and commercial stages activities.

A well-designed facility will meet the GMP/GLP standards and enable a safe and high-quality product for human use and robust laboratory testing.

Eran Yona - Lab & Facilities design
Eran Yona - Quality & Regulation

Quality, GxP & regulation

“Do it right”

The Bio-Med industry is considered very risky and regulated. The day-to-day activity must be based on good practices, documentation, and control.

The GxP and quality system implementation dominate all processes involved from product development through production, quality control, distribution, and post-marketing.

I will build a branded template document to your specific needs that will include all relevant sections and information to be used as part of procedures, policies, SOPs, and protocols writing.

Risk Assessment

“All is well until something happens, and it is too late already”

Our industry is considered a risky one.

The term “Risk-Based approach” is mentioned frequently in the FDA and Eu. Regulatory guidelines for pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Risk should be managed and controlled, whether it is being performed to comply with the regulatory requirements or as a business tool.

I will establish your Risk Management procedure and templates and help you identify, analyze, assess, and control the risk using smart mitigations activities.

Eran Yona - Risk Assessment

Lecturer & mentoring

“Knowledge is power…but experience is everything”

Knowledge and understanding are critical in the Bio-Med industry. We are dealing with human lives, and as a result, we must do things right. Your staff must understand what they do, how they do it, and why.

I love to share my broad knowledge with my customers as part of the consulting phase. I have 20 different courses given to Bio-Med industry personnel with thousands of participants in various relevant topics.

Strategy consulting

“It does not matter if you go, it is more important that you go in the right way”

Bio-Med companies business strategy is unlike other industries. It has to be performed by someone who knows this industry, and it’s limitations.

I will support your high-level decisions making including the development of strategy and the execution of strategic plans to deliver the best results and position your product in the market.

Eran Yona - Risk Assessment
Eran Yona bio-chem

Hello, I’m Eran –

A Tel Aviv-based Bio-Pharma and Medical Industry Expert.

With 20 years’ wide-ranging experience leading 1,000+ global pharma and medical device projects, my areas of expertise range from product development, manufacturing technology, new facility design, and establishing quality management systems to GxP assimilation, audits, validation, and final regulatory approval.

What value my clients receive?

Few of the companies I worked alongside with.

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