Accessibility Statement


Eran Yona understands the importance of providing quality and equal service to all customers and users, and therefore makes an effort to make the company’s website accessible.

Please note that despite our efforts to make all pages accessible on the site, parts or capabilities of the site may not be discovered. We are continuing our efforts to improve site accessibility as part of our commitment to enable it for the general population including people with disabilities.

Accessibility of the site helps improve the availability, convenience and ease of use for people with visual or visual impairments and those with cognitive impairment. The purpose of access is to access the site content for a variety of users.

Accessibility measures on site:



The site is supported by standard browsers.


Content of the site

The content on the site is written in a simple, clear and clear manner, keeping in mind the professional content and language appropriate to the field we are dealing with.


Website design

The site has been designed with awareness and experience to accommodate users and customers with visual impairments, but it is clear to us that not all objects are fully supported and accessible.


Building site

The site navigation is easy and clear and uses menus that allow easy, simple and quick site orientation.


Enlarge Website Display

Users who are visually impaired and wish to zoom in on the site can do so by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl “” and “+” keys (Control and Plus). Each click on this key pair will increase the view. Ctrl “” and “” (Control and Minus) keys. Another option to zoom in is possible with the zoom / zoom buttons on the access menu in the upper left.


Contrast on site

The contrast in the site colors can be changed / reset using the access menu in the upper left.


Use titles and tags

Using ALT headers and tags – The site uses hierarchical ALT headers and tags.


Use of video

Video embedded in the site contains appropriate subtitles


Public Inquiries

If you experience a problem on the site, please report the problem using a contact form accessible from the top menu or using the contact page or contact form on this page from the top right or directly to Eran Yona by email: [email protected]


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